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Continuing Education Training

A hands-on, realistic, action-packed training experience to remember

We offer specialized continuing-education programs which include the latest updates in the field of emergency medicine with realistic and dynamic simulated patient simulation on-site. Our training sessions focus largely on hands-on practice to provide the learners with skills and experience needed in the field.

The medical content is reviewed by a medical professional expert in the field of the specific session, the classes are prepared by experienced EMS educators and is adapted as needed to the learners level and to the protocols of the medical director in your organization.

Each training session includes a group activity to review the basics and then moves on to the next level with a unique  simulation experience. Our portable trauma work stations bring our clients and end-to-end solution enabling student to get practical training in emergency care using high fidelity simulation in their own classroom setting.

The learners review their own level of knowledge and familiarity with the subject at the beginning and end of each training session to establish that the learning goals have been met.

Your organization can choose one of the topics on our available training-sessions (see below) or may request that a specific subject be built, subject to a decision by our medical board.

Coming Soon:

  • The ABCs of Trauma Patient Care

  • Mass-Casualty-Incident Response

  • HAZMAT Response

  • Obstetric Emergencies

  • Pediatric Emergencies

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