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Mass-Casualty Exercises

We provide you with all you will need to create a high-fidelity MCI drill for first-responders.

Our specially-developed end-to-end solutions create a realistic and dynamic scenario within the scope and setting of your choice - quickly and effectively.


A mass-casualty incident (MCI) is a unique situation which presents its own challenges and difficulties. In this situation, the protocol of patient care changes and tough, life-or-death decisions must often be made within seconds. An MCI requires specific training to prepare the medical personnel for giving the best care possible.

High-fidelity training for MCI response prepares first-responders to provide the best care possible under these challenging circumstances, allows them to practice lifesaving skills using the MCI protocols, developes critical thinking skills, enhances teamwork and allows maximal care to the largest number of people - and saving more lives.

Our MCI drill kits completely revolutionize your mass-casualty training experience!



How it works:

Early Stage Preparation

You choose the scenario, scope, location, and simulated injuries according to the level of your learners, relevance of circumstances and your defined learning goals for the drill.

You can either choose one of our pre-made scenarios or build your own scenario using any of our 100-plus simulated patient packages.

Each simulated patient has his or her own dynamic scenario in accordance to each specific injury, including reactions to emergency care given or withheld in a realistically timely fashion.

Our simulated patient database currently has over 100 dynamic individual injury scenarios and we are constantly expanding as we add new patients on a regular basis.

Our team will discuss your specific needs and adapt the drill to your learning goals and protocols, after which you will receive the initial content including a list of simulated injuries, dynamic scenario for each victim including vital signs for each patient (primary and secondary survey), props and more for your review and approval.

MCI Exercise Day:

We come to you with everything you will need and transform your setting into a realistic MCI scene quickly and easily.

You bring the simulated patient - we do all the rest!


ארן (11).JPG

Each simulated patient receives an individual package containing specialized wearable trauma effects, a vital-signs bracelet and a QR code where he or she will find specific instructions how to act during the exercise and to simulate a realistic, dynamic and reactive patient.


ארן (75).JPG

Additional effects are added in our special-effects station for the subtle but important signs and clues to the patients condition such as cyanosis, diaphoresis, JVD etc. and also minor but realistic details such as cuts, bruises, abrasions and more.


ארן (142).JPG

Simulated patients with injuries that involve active bleeding will be connected to our portable bleeding mechanisms.


web pic Eyal temp 2b.png

Our professional team will assist you with the preparation for the exercise, including placement of the injured, environmental props and simulated hazards and will be at your service to help your drill come to life.

We value your time!

Preparation for an MCI drill with 30-35 patients: 45-60 minutes

ארן (136).JPG


We The simulated patients quickly remove the wearable effects and can quickly resume their daily activities.

Our instructors can join your team for post-exercise debriefing and conclusion session.

We also offer a joined debriefing session after the drill with our





Quick. Simple. Effective.

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