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Quick. Simple. Effective.


SiMedic Trauma was established in 2016 by EMS professionals to make high-fidelity training easily available and accessible to first-responders in the field.

Studies show that using realistic simulation in medical training has a high impact on the levels of preparedness of emergency caregivers and recommends integrating high-fidelity simulation into initial and ongoing medical training.

It is our belief that, just as an airline pilot will not fly a plane without having practiced many times in an aviation simulator, a healthcare professional should not need to rely on classroom learning only before he or she cares for a critically ill or injured person in the field. Simulation enables emergency caregivers to learn and develop skills in a safe and effective way.

Our approach to deliver end-to-end solutions for emergency medical professionals includes providing up-to-date medical content along with high-fidelity, field-accessible simulation tools for dynamic scenarios and maximal training effectiveness.



The SiMedic Trauma team are active emergency medical professionals and instructors and therefore are familiar with the learning needs and the existing training solutions available.

Our instructors are seasoned paramedic instructors with years of field and teaching experience.

Meet the team:

Tova Cern
Eyal Zahavi
Chief Instructor
Medical Director
Boaz Cern
Dubi Preger
Special Effects


We develop our content based on the latest medical updates and protocols.

In our studio we combine our knowledge and experience from the field with high-quality artistic design and product development to achieve the realism and adaptability for the learners.

Each of our simulation and training activities is quick and easy to use in any setting and suited for the learners level.

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