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Tova Cern

Founder & CEO

Tova founded SiMedic in 2016 after the publishing of her textbook, Hachovesh. She has over 25 years of field experience as an EMT and has been developing EMS educational tools for two decades, most recently as Director of EMS Educational Development in United Hatzalah.

Tova is the author of the Hebrew EMT textbook “Hachovesh” and of the EMT refresher CD, the EMT course handbook, EMT-basic protocol booklet and more.

Other educational tools she developed include interactive learning material, EMS oriented learning games, educational animations, articles and more.

Eyal Zahavi

Director of Medical Division

Eyal is a senior paramedic and seasoned paramedic educator for over two decades and the CEO of the Efrat Emergency Medical Center.

Eyals extensive experience both on the field and as an educator include civilian and military settings. As the head instructor of the national paramedic school  and later as the head of the Jerusalem volunteer branch of Magen David Adom he has vast experience in curriculum development, medical content and education development and delivery. A skilled  special-effects trauma moulage artist, Eyal has been using realistic scenario settings as part of the educational experience for many years.

An expert on the subjects of mass casualty incidents (MCI), hazardous materials (HAZMAT), earthquake preparation and medical response, Eyal heads the MDA Jerusalem HAZMAT educational branch since 1997 and has been educating medical teams in Israel and worldwide.

Eyal joins the SiMedic Trauma team, benefiting our clients simulated scenarios and medical content of the highest standard.

Dubi Preger

Special Effects Coordinator

Dubi Is an international award winning make-up artist who has been providing special effects for training purposes for the past 10 years.


His experience in staging casualty effects has enabled paramedics and other medical and rescue personal to train in realistic conditions. Amongst his clients are the IDF, Israeli Police, Fire Fighting Brigades, MDA (Red Star of David) United Hatzalah and Israel Railways to name a few.

Dubi served as an officer in the Special Rescue Military Unit and later was a team leader for an anti-terror unit as well as a police officer. He combines his field experience with his artistic abilities to recreate scenarios based on firsthand knowledge.

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