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Active Bleeding Trauma Solutions Demonstrated in Live Shooting Scenario

SiMedic Trauma active bleeding solutions were successfully integrated in a drill demonstrated by United Hatzalah in the Kaliber 3 shooting range in Gush Etzion.

The scenario involved demonstrating two separate incidents involving a shooting and stabbing of bystanders in real time and first-aid given in different types of active bleeding.

SiMedic Trauma realistic effects connected to our field-friendly bleeding systems were used as the actors quickly prepared for the scenario, then mingled with the crowd. As the demonstration began the wounds were revealed and began to bleed copiously. Tactical teams from Caliber 3 and United Hatzalah first response teams demonstrated bleeding control using different methods as appropriate for different wounds, including direct pressure, wound-packing and tourniquet use to great effect. 

"The bleeding wound I tried to stop with wound packing was so realistic", said E. a senior tactical fighter and shooting instructor, "I've felt the real thing and this was just like it. It really helped set the mood."


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