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Training and Simulation Solutions for Emergency First-Responders

We provide emergency first-responders with unique training and simulation solutions for a professional,  realistic, hands-on training activity easily achievable in any setting

The SiMedic training experience combines high-quality, updated medical content with innovative simulation solutions especially designed for the prehospital setting. The result is an a high-fidelity action-filled and memorable learning experience which can be easily integrated into your preferred setting.

Our mission is to help first-responders be prepared - and save more lives.

Our goal is to provide medical, tactical and first response teams an opportunity to close the gap between classroom learning and preparedness to deal with the unique challenges that arise in real life scenarios.

The SiMedic development team are experienced emergency response providers and educators who are active in the field and have an intimate knowledge of the existing training needs and of the current available solutions.

Every SiMedic training activity is quick and easy to achieve in any setting with content specifically adapted to the professional level of the trainees.

Our instructors are seasoned paramedic instructors with many years of experience.

The Team

EMT and EMS instructor who has been developing EMS educational tools for over two decades.

Author of the Hebrew EMT Textbook Hachovesh, awarded first-place for medical content  by the Israeli Health Ministry.

Author of the EMT Refresher CD (MDA), BLS pocket protocol guide and more.

Tova is also an artist and developer.

Tova Cern

Seasoned Paramedic instructor for over two decades with a BA and MA in Emergency Medicine and Disaster Response and also CEO of the EEMC.

Formerly chief instructor in MDA paramedic school and currently teaches civilian, military and tactical teams.

Expert instructor in MCI, HAZMAT and disaster preparedness.

Eyal Zahavi
Medical Coordinator
Chief Instructor

Boaz is a civilian and military EMT, high-tech expert and project manager who has successfully executed many projects for the emergency medical field including 'Hachovesh' textbook, the EMT Refresher CD and more.

Boaz brings his project management abilities as well as outside-the-box thiniking for creating advanced technological solutions.

Boaz Cern

Dubi is an international award-winning special-effects artist who has achieved recognician for his work.

Dubi combines the experienc from his background in the military, in the police-force  and in special anti-teror units with his artistic abilities to enhance provide first-responders with highly realistic experience.

Dubi Preger
Special-Effects Coordinator

Among Our Clients:

Israeli Defence Force

Israel Police

United Hatzalah

Magen David Adom




Ben Gurion University

Hadassah Medical School

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